June 24, 2014

Like a little beaver

Three conference calls are scheduled for today. It is a good thing my desk chair is comfortable. I have to write a five-year business plan by Friday. I don't know what my customers are going to do this year.

Big changes coming at work. I see storm clouds on the horizon. Things looking grim for your author. Prayers would be nice.


hey teacher... said...

New principal and assistant principal in our building this fall. They've already completely redone the schedule, lengthening core subjects to 54 minutes and slicing related arts and PE/ health to 40. If I hear "An American Symphony" playing in the hall I know I'm in big trouble.
BTW how's daughter/teacher doing?

Joe said...

she is moving to a new school this year will teach at the Butler lap school that is part of IPS

Jean said...

I hope you're wrong about the grimness for you.
Fingers crossed and a couple of prayers tossed in for good measure.

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