June 18, 2014

The Man

Summer has finally arrived with the usual heat and humidity. It is what generally happens this time of year, those who worship the Global Warming Deity be damned.

This guy should be listed right there with Edison, Tesla, the Wright Brothers, Goddard, or DaVinci as one of the greatest inventors of all time. Each of you who lives in the Southwest, Florida, or Nevada could not live there without his genius.


CnC said...

ahhhhh Carrier! I was just talking about him yesterday. I was working on 2 window AC units and the guy that was helping wanted to know all about air condition. 30 minutes later I stopped talking!

Jean said...

I survived many years in Florida without home a/c. It was miserable at times, but I did it.
Several fans helped.

Joe said...

We are of a different generation than modern kids. We never had A/C growing up, not in the house, not in the car.

In spite of our toughness, census data shows the population did not explode in Florida, and Arizona until after Carrier made A/C an affordable reality.

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