June 18, 2014

Why not let their relatives in Mexico vote too?

A New York Democrat thinks illegals should have a right to vote in state and local elections. His argument is that local laws affect illegals and they should have a say in those laws. He wants to create a sort of second class citizen. Since my employer is located in New York, and that state's laws affect the company's bottom line (taxes, healthcare costs, etc.) as well as some of my paycheck deductions (New York has some of the highest health insurance costs in the country) should I have a vote in local New York elections? After all, I am affected by New York laws.

Rivera claims one of the requirements is proof the person paid taxes for three years. If one is an illegal, he has no Social Security card or 'green card". Without a Social Security card or 'green card' you cannot be legally hired, If there is no legal hire then the person in question did not likely pay income, Social Security, or Medicaid taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Sen. Guestavo Rivera , Geez, do you think he might have an agenda for re-election?


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