August 18, 2014

Now I see

Eric Holder and the Justice Department can allocate resources and investigate a police shooting in Missouri. They will not investigate the IRS.  They will investigate a local crime, where the Feds have no jurisdiction, but ignore the shooting of a federal officer by Mexican drug lords who used guns provided by the Justice Department. Holder will investigate Treyvon Martin but not the Black Panthers violation of voting laws.

In Obamaland justice may be blind, but it sure isn't color blind.

A black kid shot a white cop a few weeks ago in Indy.  where is the FBI?  Maybe it is because no one "protested" by burning down the neighborhood.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm thinking that Washington was burned once. It could always be burned again.

Scott said...

Nail, meet hammer.

Anonymous said...

He was just an innocent lad who went to the store to get some cigars for him mama, and smoke a doobie on the way home in the middle of the street. He was still a baby only 6 foot 4 and 292 lbs, what threat could he be to anyone. On the other hand, piss poor shooting by the cop.
James Old Guy

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