September 25, 2014


I note the liberals are largely silent on Obama's pre-emptive war in Iraq. I have read nothing from those who think GW's pre-emptive war in that same country is the most shameful action in America's history. I guess that author slept through history class when slavery, the Trail of Tears, the Sand Creek Massacre, Wounded Knee, and the Philippine Insurrection were discussed. But, as is often the case, I digress.

The hysteria over a few bad rotten apples in the NFL has quieted a bit. There are creeps in every workplace. The odds are pretty good there is a wife beater, drug addict, child abuser, and drunk driver working for your company today.  Should I never buy your company's widget again because of it? You will say it is about the punishment of the n'er do wells that has your panties in a twist. I know of two instances when I worked in manufacturing that he union got a person's job back, including back pay for the time the persons were fired after the employee showed up for work drunk and/or drugged. If you're this passionate get yourself and your picket sign to march in front of every company in America.  Better yet, why don't we make these wife beaters, child abuses, and drunk drives where a big red letter of shame embroidered on their breast?

The Cubs need to win two of three against the Brewers to keep from yet another 90 loss season. Must they break my heart every year?

I'm getting dizzy up here on my soapbox. One final enigmatic request; cross your fingers for me today.  I need some luck.

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Jean said...

Fingers and toes crossed, too.

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