September 29, 2014


Back when I was 13 and the Patrol Leader of the Wolverine Patrol in Boy Scout Troop 338, I learned to take responsibility for my actions as well as for those under my guidance.  I continued that philosophy when I had direct reports working for me at the factory.  If you support your people, they will support you.

In a nutshell my belief was " You did something right, We did something wrong". The concept being that if there was a mistake or failure by a member of my team, then that error was caused by my not giving the individual the knowledge, training , or tools to do the task correctly.  It was a failure of leadership.  It goes without saying that credit for doing something well goes to the individual.

Apparently President Obama was never a Boy Scout, because he clearly lacks in leadership skills. When will America learn there is a very big difference in a good speech reader and a true leader?

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