September 30, 2014

Quick hits

I cannot say this enough; no no no no no no on a possible Romney for President in '16. The dude lost the nomination in 2008, and lost the election big to a weak Obama in 2012, mostly because conservatives stayed home on election day.  There is nothing new to change all of those minds. Romney vs. Clinton or another Bush vs. Clinton? I would prefer we have a random drawing of eligible voters and let the winner be president.

Is the Secret Service really that incompetent? I know a guy who has his house wired. He knows if anyone pulls into his driveway. He gets a text when his laundry is done. He can remotely turn on his living room lamp while he is gnawing chicken wings down at the local sports bar. But with all of the power and money in the world the Secret Service can't stop a guy from climbing a fence and getting clear into the East Room? Unarmed minimum wage security guards can tackle and stop a streaker before they get ten yards onto a football field. Maybe the White House should hire a dude in a windbreaker to handle security?

Republicans, Democrats -- is anyone running on a platform this year?  "I'm not the other guy" seems a piss poor way to run a country.  But considering the candidates, that may be all they have to offer.

Only six months until the Cubs start playing meaningful baseball games.  At least they will not lose any more games this year.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Supposedly the unauthorized entrants alarm was shut down at occupants request.
Probably to sneak in boyfriends, girlfriends, Soros, etc.

Fredd said...

I fired the Cubs as my team a few years back for non-performance after rooting for them since 2000 when I moved to Illinois.

Then I jumped on the Milwaukee bandwagon for a few years, then dumped them, too.

Now I'm a Pirates guy.

For whatever that's worth. And it's exciting to see Kansas City back in the playoffs, gotta root for them, everyone loves a Cinderella.

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