October 10, 2014

Friday Music

I know you are so very sad I have not posted any music for a while. Really, you are sad. Admit it. You can't live without seeing what music is playing in my head. Well today it is the Byrds. Enjoy.

I said enjoy...


hey teacher... said...

The girls in the first crowd scene-did the tambourine sound actually trigger seizures? The gentleman in the leather poncho/cloak/manteau/shawl/whatever seems to be quite full of himself. I'm guessing he has a full Chapstick in his pocket or wherever you would put it in your poncho/cloak/manteau/shawl/whatever.

Joe said...

I do believe the dude in the leather whateveryoucallit is a young David Crosby.

I suspect narcotics may have a role in his facial expressions. He probably is carrying a Chapstick, it is what the cool people do.

Some think this song is an ode to the local ganja dealer, purveyor of maryjane, dope distributor. I think it is a catchy tune.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Until now, I used to have fond memories of that song.

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