November 10, 2014


Can anyone explain why, when Democrats win elections, it is viewed as a mandate, the will of the people to adopt their agenda. Yet when Republicans win it is just ...well whatever is the opposite of mandate. It is portrayed as extreme, and looked upon as an aberration by the media.

Why should the Repubs compromise to Obama's policies? The people have spoken. It is the President and the Democrats who must compromise.

Elections have consequences, right?


hey teacher... said...

Like when Glenda Ritz thumped Tony Bennett and Mitch, er I mean Mike Pence tries to thwart her every move, including starting a shadow D.O.E. With a staff of eight each making 100k a year. Now that's smaller government!

Joe said...

That too

Anonymous said...

The local rag is saying the Democrats just didn't get the message out to the voters and the voters didn't understand what was at risk. I think the voter's got the message, the Democrats didn't.

James Old Guy

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