November 14, 2014

Worst post ever

Today is a "choose your own adventure" Friday Music day. Listen to your favorite artist, play whatever is pinging away in your brain pan, find something new.  I have Supertramp in my skull this morning.  what suits your fancy?

The stupid party elected a RINO Senate majority leader.  Same crap from the Republicans --"please help us conservatives" then business as usual.  Once again we are Charlie Brown while the Lucys of the party yank away the football.  I'm sick of being screwed like a five dollar hooker. Whatever happened to the Whigs anyway?


Anonymous said...

I guess I am not one of the intellectual giants. The party of stupid still doesn't get it.

James Old Guy

LeeAnn said...

For some reason I've been playing
Sing Sing Sing (good ol' Glenn Miller, I do believe?) over and over lately. It's very cheery music.

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