December 29, 2014

It is always funny until someone gets hurt

I'm a bit worried about Friday. The day after holidays seem a bit dicey for me this year. You may remember my not-so-trusty 30 year old ladder broke and tossed me to the concrete the day after Thanksgiving. (It is there in the archives. I can either do research or write a shitty post. Not both). On Friday, the day after Christmas, I was heading downstairs to refill my coffee cup when I slipped on the stairs and fell down a flight clear to the landing. I think I twisted when I fell. My back is sore and bruised. Most amazing is I did not utter a single curse word the whole time I bounced and slid down, not even when I crumpled to a halt at the landing. What the heck? The good Lord gave me two gifts - great balance and a fantastic memory. Now both seem to fade recently. Although my advanced scores in memory on the Elevate app indicate my memory is not going away as fast as I imagine.


Anonymous said...

Getting old sucks

James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

Probably not cussing because grand baby is in the house or could be later or will be soon. We told you your life was changed.
Now, climb those stairs and don't be afraid to
come down them. That's it, one step at a time, you're doing great, just a few more...

Jean said...

Might I suggest a coffee maker upstairs?

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