December 28, 2014

I confess

i confess that I was wrong about everything I ever thought, believe or said.  Of course my predictions were accurate in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. I guess we should forget that gas was in the $3+ range or higher for most of the Obama reign since it has been down for a month or so?

Now after one of the slowest recoveries in history things are looking better. The economy does correct itself over time.  It will also get bad over time again. Yes, I confess I have been wrong about everything.

Now me and Elvis are going to have some Fun in Acapulco. 


Erin O'Brien said...

You sure can dish it out, hoose, but taking it's a different story, eh?

Joe said...

I'm finding you obsession somewhat disturbing.

Like I said previously:

We could mention that unemployment is no better than it was when Bush left office while the workforce participation rate is significantly lower. We could mention the number of people who have been moved to part time due to the ACA. We could discuss the cost of meat and milk compared to 2008 ( the government does not count food or fuel in the inflation rate). We could discuss the cost of electricity.

We could argue that gas prices are down in spite of this administration leasing less government land for oil exploration . Or that the price at the pump is down due to 1) more domestic production and 2) OPECs leaking a short term loss to get more profit in the long term. ( hint shale drilling is expensive and crude prices have to generate a profit to pay for that cost

You have an opinion and there is nothing I can provide to change it.

So do you bookmark a 6 year old post hoping things willl turn out wrong or do you go out of your way to research and wade through more than 4,000 posts to argue with an obscure blogger no one reads?

Believe it or not I am glad the economy is not as dire as I predicted. I do notice you did not write this post in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013. I wonder why you waited to call me out...

Frankly I'm not sure of your point.

Ok, you are right things are better. I would argue that is in spite of Obama's policies. You will disagree. Since we don't have a viable time machine we will have to disagree.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"the price at the pump is down due to 1) more domestic production and 2) OPECs leaking a short term loss to get more profit in the long term. ( hint shale drilling is expensive and crude prices have to generate a profit to pay for that cost"
Yep. And it has big repercussions with Russia.
Low oil prices are also a harbinger of a downturn.
This economy still sucks.

Anonymous said...

I guess Erin can't find anything original to try to brag about. I am also enjoying the current low price for gas, but it won't last. Unemployment is down, then again the number of people who gave up and the percentage of employable people working at full time jobs is at an all time low. One of her low life followers says milk and bread are not important, I guess that is true if you don't eat. We have the worst racial relations since the 60's under this administration. I could go on and on about the failure of this administration but the liberals will continue to blame Bush and the Republicans. This country elects a President who we expect to work with Congress, our Constitution is designed to have a balance of power. No rational person expects the President or Congress to agree but we do expect both side to work around differences. The President and Congress have failed in that expectation and that is why the country has decided to change direction. This country is not out of the woods as far as external and internal threats to our freedom and continued infighting is not helping.

James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

Yes, I bookmarked your post back then because it was hands-down the most arrogant, ignorant Obama's-gonna-kill-America braying I saw anywhere at the time. You were destined to be wrong and your comment about how you were going to "gloat" when you were right sealed the deal.

Gas has not reached $4 thus far into Obama's tenure. The only time it did was while Dubya was still in office, although a sitting POTUS can do very little about gas prices in a direct sense.

Oil is a boom/bust industry sensitive to any number of things (except your disastrous predictions). Case in point: don't look for the XL pipeline to be built until it becomes viable again. The money guys don't give a damn about your politics. All they see is a scary number: $55 a barrel.

What stunned me is actually how wrong you were. I never saw $2 gas coming. It was even better than what Gingrich promised during the 2012 election.

As for food prices, I would indeed suspect they are going to continue to rise and rise and rise as we continue to pollute the planet and ignore the environment.

Regarding the latter part of JOG's comment, we'll see how the GOP Congress does with that.

Joe said...

Ok I was wrong about gas prices. They did not reach $4 $3.80 something instead. Unemployment still is not at pre election levels

Again I notice you had to wait five years to prove me wrong

I hope you got all of the satisfaction you need by "proving" me wrong

Joe said...

Dear anyone who might read this

I missed a prediction I made in 2008 regarding gas prices by about 3%. Therefore you should disregard anything I have written, will write, or thought about weiting at any time.

Your blog friend


Dan O. said...

I dislike you right now, Joe. NOT because you were wrong. Nobody is correct all the time.

I dislike you because I clicked on the link you included in this post and sent be to that other blog.

Blind suckling the blind over there.

No worries. I'm almost over the dislike already.

Keep up the good work. Both here and at your employment.

Of course we all are enjoying the current gas prices. But, for how long?

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