December 27, 2014

I've got you under my skin

Chloe Jo
My new Granddaughter. Named after me, natch.


hey teacher... said...

She's got your eyes.
Welcome to your new hobby. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh lord she is beautiful, you are toast, forget retirement.

James Old Guy

Erin O'Brien said...

She is an angel.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's when you know you've done something right.

Jean said...

Too adorable for words.

Rita said...

Nothing better than grand babies. Should we start calling you Chloe now?

Dan O. said...

Congratulations Joe!

I've got a 1yr. old granddaughter & 2yr. old grandson now. Can't beat youngins' to spoil & then send back to the ones you didn't. ;)

Grandpa Joe. Enjoy!

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