January 16, 2015

Another Kumbaya moment

How about another crazy idea. I say the folks who decide what movies are nominated for "best" picture or whatever base their decision on the quality of the content rather than the color of the actor's skin. I think that is particularly an apt policy when the movie in question deals with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

I know, "But racist" is the theme of the times.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I sort of wonder, sometimes, when a white guy will play King and nobody will say a word.

Kind of like Will Smith playing James West. You know.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry they are showing the movie at the White House. Don't get me started on MLK day.


CnC said...

Hmmm funny you should mention that, I blurbed about that also just now. You are a fricking genius Joe!

hey teacher... said...

New Star Wars--- Mark Hamill is out, Denzel Washington is Luke Skywalker.

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