January 30, 2015

Old Habits

Back in the middle years of the 1980's, we traveled up to Merrillville, Indiana to the Holiday Star Theater to see old Hank Jr. in concert. The asshole was wasted. He would start a song, play a little bit then just kind of taper off. Sometimes Bocepheus forgot the lyrics, sometimes he forgot what song he was playing and launched into a different hit. Mayhaps it was on purpose; it came off as amateurish at best.  Towards the end of the show they brought out a stool so Hank could sit down before he fell down. He ended the show stripped to the waist, fat belly bouncing as he jumped around the stage. I think he was playing Kaw-Liga.  It was thirty years ago, I can't remember every detail. I think beer was involved on my part as well. The primary difference was no one coughed up hard earned dollars for ducats to see me.

In all, it was one of the worst performances I ever paid to see.

Still I like this song, and it sums up my feelings to both the Friday Music feature and the old blog in particular. Plus, Freddie, my favorite lurker-in-chief likes country music*.  Perhaps not oldies like this, but it is the effort that counts.  Right?

*so I think. I might be wrong. I don't know.  Just listen to the music, OK?

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