January 31, 2015

Super Weekend

It is a bright and chilly Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. I am less than excited to see two of my least favorite teams face off in the big game.

The SnowTeam/ScareTeam s in high panic over the prospect we might get a lot of snow, or maybe a little snow, or perhaps just cold rain overnight and Sunday. It could be bad. Or not. They advise that I keep watching as they continue to guess. One thing is certain, we will have weather outside my office window.

The youngest boy has the weekend off from work, primarily because the restaurant where he works was heavily damaged by fire last Sunday. He is coming home later today. I visited with my daughter and granddaughter Thursday. I had lunch with my oldest son yesterday and my youngest will be home today.  Yes, that is a smile on my usually cranky countenance. If I could convince the wife to give up some nookie this morning, the weekend would be complete.

Well you can't have everything.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I really don't understand I can't stand the Seahawks. On the good side I will be in bed long before the game is over, 5 AM comes early.

James Old Guy

CnC said...

I think the best outcome for me is if somehow both teams lost.

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