February 13, 2015

Easy guinea pig recipes

We are going waaaaayyyyy back today for our Friday Music, back when the world was black and white. Last year I went to my daughter's fourth grade class and gave a talk about the Civil War. At one point I was describing the Federal Uniform and a boy said he thought the uniforms were gray.  I said that some of the Confederate uniforms were gray.  He insisted that all the uniforms were black or white, because color had not been invented yet. I laughed all the way home, but showed surprising compassion when I calmly corrected his notion.

Anyway, with my usual digression I present Buddy Holly, one of the most influential artist of Rock era. What is most surprising is his body of work covers less than two years. He died at age 22 in a plane crash. One cannot help but think "What if"?

Who knew Arthur Murray had a dance party show?


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I had a 6th grader say the same thing about B/W vs.Color in class this year. No wonder Governator Pence wants such dramatic changes in education.

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