February 12, 2015

I wonder

How is it the progressive types can keep silent when their chosen one can vow to wage war in Iraq of all places? After all, as they asked in the past "what American interest is at stake"?

How are American lives in danger? Isn't this just a further example of American imperialism? I seem to recall one blogger calling the American war in Iraq the most shameful episode in American history. What is different a decade or so later, other than the typical hypocracy of those on the left?

Me, I have no issue with pounding the terrorist motherfuckers into the stone ages. But I do have the same concerns I did when W and his buddies were squandering American lives and treasure, namely what is the end game, what is the plan, the goal? Hell at least then we had the justifiable goal of ridding the world of Sadam and his sons.

Frankly, I am not sure why the Obama is not calling for power to wage war on the sun, or coal plants, or cow farts, or red kidney beans. After all, according to the President, global warming is waaayyyy more dangerous than a bunch of folks in the Middle East who have declared jihad on us. Hell, wasn't it Obama who called ISIS the "JV" team?

Instead of waging pointless war perhaps he should just invite the leaders over for beer and a quick game of horse.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Come on, Joe. If their Messiah is doing it, it must be right. You know that.

Anonymous said...

You won't hear a word, the liberal crowd is busy attacking any candidate from the other party. The fact that their beloved Obama has made Jimmy Carter look smart and the candidates from the beloved party of tax and spend are proven loser doesn't stop them.


Erin O'Brien said...

Oh hell, I'm not afraid to chime in on this one. I wholly support Obama and Congress having a heated public discussion on the matter and I'm overjoyed Obama is asking Congress for authorization. This is how it's supposed to work, remember?

That said, shame on Obama for not doing six months ago when the campaign actually began.


Joe said...

You do know that W had congressional approval for his incursion into Iraq, right? Rember how Kerry famously voted for it before he was against it?

And yes Obama is going about it the right way. I just wonder what is the difference this time, other than the political party of the President?

And yes any Member of the stupid party (GOP) who was all for W's little war and now is against it is a hypocrite too.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The problem here is that EOB did not address the original question that Joe posed. Why aren't the progressive anti-war crowd all over Obama the way they were Bush? Where is Code Pink? Where is International A.N.S.W.E.R.? Where are the threats to assassinate Obama?

He's their Messiah, so he can do no wrong in their eyes. Q. E. D.

Erin O'Brien said...

"You do know that W had congressional approval for his incursion into Iraq, right?"

Yeah I do, Hoose. I also remember the unprecedented preemptive war strike and Curveball and George Tenet and nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and the rest of it.

Now then Mr. C, yes, I wish we could pluck every single US soldier, asset and Gov contractor out of the Middle East, but that seems a bit naive at this stage of the game.

We never should have gone in. We did so based on lies and now we've got a real mess on our hands.

I have no further comment on the subject.

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