February 3, 2015

He Said, She Said, He Said, They Said

The cool kids all reviewed the film American Sniper last week.  Since I am not, and never have been one of the cool kids, I was not asked to participate. Of course, I have never been too good at following the crowd.  Back when blogging was cool, many published these memes -- you know, what kind of donut are you and such. I rarely played along.  I am an ass like that. So if I had been asked to provide my insight, I probably would have opted out.

Sunday, my youngest son, my daughter, and my son-in-law and I all traipsed to the theater to see American Sniper. It is a powerful movie. I think Eastwood's understating of Kyle's death and showing the actual funeral scenes as part of the credits was brilliant direction.  As the lights came on the theater was silent.

After the movie I had an interesting discussion with my son.  He is a Junior in college, and I know he is indoctrinated daily with a leftist slant, and also embraces a fairly liberal point of view as most young people tend to do.  I don't worry about it too much.  He was raised right, and he will find his own political water level. You see, I don;t think it is healthy for us, as Americans, to all think alike.  I think liberals and progressives are dead wrong, and naive and a little dangerous.  I would never dream of making their speech or politics outlawed. Unfortunately many on the left would, if given the chance, silence those of a conservative political bent. It is what the far left has done every time they have gathered the reins of power.

But as usual, I digress. The boy was disturbed by Kyle's reference to Iraqis as "savages". I asked what you would call people who would send a kid forth with a hand grenade? I also said that his opinion might change if he saw his buddies killed, maimed and wounded.  I added that many returning soldiers from Vietnam and WWII, harbored deep racial resentments against their former foes.  Such, I imagine, is war.  I am certain, my son does not share my firm belief that one American life is worth a dozen of our enemy. He will have to come to his own conclusions.

Anyway, the film is a pro-soldier, anti-war, human movie.  It is powerful. It is a movie everyone should see. The film makes no political statement about the war. Much like the film Lone Survivor, it is a story of people in extraordinary circumstances, fighting for themselves, their fellow soldiers, and their country.


CnC said...

Bravo! Touché! Right on!
You can blame Rita for the un-vite, she makes all the decisions at the cool kid lunch table.
Great review but now you are in danger of being cyber-bullied by her for not asking permission before you sat down.

Rita said...

Ah, you see all the cool kids unknowingly saw it on the same day and are facebook friends. The facebook posting is what triggered the He Said She Said. The original two of the "series" were mortal enemies as kids. Well at least HE hated ME because he was no longer the baby of the family.

Back to the movie. When your enemy thinks nothing about drilling a hole in a child's head, savage is a mild. When a mother thinks nothing about handing her kid an RPG knowing he'll likely be killed then savage is the nicest word I could think of.

Rita said...

See? He may have abused me as a child, but all of our adult lives I have ruled supreme. Revenge is best served for a LONG time.

CnC said...

Joe notice the last line she wrote! Be afraid, be very afraid!

Rita said...

The bastards burned the Jordanian alive. Disgusting pigs.

Dan O. said...

The only political advice I ever gave my youngest son was, "get your news (and views) from other than MTV and Rolling Stone".

He is now at least as "right" as I am.

I raised him right (read correctly).

Haven't seen the film (been to a theater 2 times in the last 30 years), but I will own the DVD when it comes out.

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