February 4, 2015

I see stupid people

I am about as small government minded a fellow you will find short of a true anarchist. But there are some rules a civilized society needs. A codification of most of the Biblical "Thou shalt nots" comes to mind. Traffic laws and other rules to protect the general populace from idiots, malefactors, and evil-doers are certainly necessary.  I support, to a significantly lessor extent, those laws created to protect us from ourselves. Maybe,  I am more likely to agree with laws that protect kids from parents' stupidity; car seat regulations for example.

I submit that any parent that refuses to vaccinate their kid is stupid, an idiot, a moron of the lowest level. Your actions are borderline, nay, are downright criminal.  I abhor frivolous lawsuits, but I would proudly serve on a jury of anyone who could prove they were infected by even casual contact with your unvaccinated offspring. Your failure to protect your children and society as whole from a preventable infectious disease is decidedly criminal. I would encourage the authorities and aggrieved individuals to seek criminal as well as civil remedies.

If you cannot or will not understand the difference between correlation and causation then you are damned fool and a danger to your children, your family, and society as a whole and should be treated as such. A refusal to vaccinate is as morally wrong and as criminally negligent as handing your kid a loaded handgun and sending him off to the local playground.


Cappy said...

No comment defending the anti-vaxers is proof that Erin O'Brine is not reading this blog.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

First whooping cough, then measles. Me, I'm waiting for polio to resurface. People just think that shit is eradicated. Nope. It's "controlled" by herd immunity.

Allegedly, the only killer bioagent that's ever been "eradicated" is smallpox...and until governments destroy their weapons-grade stockpiles of same, those scare quotes are going to stay right there.

Anonymous said...

I guess open borders has nothing to do with this, nope not a thing.

James Old Guy

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