March 22, 2015


i started this piece o'crap blog 10 years ago today. This post 4.819.. There are 83 posts in draft stage, mostly for good reason. If you have been visiting here for very long I am certain you can imagine how awful those 83 abortive attempts must be.

We have had some good times here. A ton of fellow bloggers have influenced me greatly. Some are dead, some have moved on to other social media, some have just quit blogging altogether. Some of my regulars have been along for a long time. I offer a sincere thank you to anyone who bothers to stop and read my musings, no matter if today is your first time or if you have slogged through 4,735 published posts.

There was a time when my little corner of the blogging universe regularly drew 150 or more readers a day. Some posts would generate more than 20 comments. That was when blogging was cool, before Facebook or Twitter. That said, I kind of like where the blog is these days. We have become old friends sitting down to a beer or cup of coffee, discussing what comes to mind.

When I wrote my first post, my daughter was about to graduate high school. Now she is a mother. My middle boy was just learning to drive. My youngest was playing Little League. The past decade has been chock full of life, and thank you for coming along.


Anonymous said...

I miss some of the bloggers who have moved on, Glad you stayed.

James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

I am currently drinking a beer out of an aluminum can to celebrate your tenth anniversary. Salut and Happy Anniversary. We don't always agree but ain't that America.

CGHill said...

Congratulations. Ten years constitutes a Major Accomplishment in blogdom.

Jean said...

So very glad you're still here.

jonas said...

Congrats on the longevity. Gotta remember to swing by more often.

Keep at it.

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