March 23, 2015

Several words strung into sort of semi-coherent sentences

Happy Monday. I am at it early this morning. I have already written my call reports for my business trip last week and updated my customer files.

We are off to a chilly start today and the forecast calls for snow flurries tonight. Sigh.

My daughter the teacher has a snow make-up day today then is on spring break the rest of the week.  That means the granddaughter won't be here all day after today this week. Sigh. She is a real doll and I like having her around.

I noticed my neighbors have put their house up for sale. They seem nice, but I will not miss their barking howling dog. Sorry, but a dog that lives outside all of the time is not a pet, it is a farm animal. That is true even if you live in the 'burbs.

It appears the 2016 elections have begun. Sigh. To much, too early. The only bright side is that Indiana is usually not a battleground state, so we are not as inundated with the political ads as some other places.

It is nice to hear song birds singing in the morning, but I wish they would quit shitting on my car.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Personally, I wish the trees would quit having sex all over my car.

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