March 3, 2015

Choices, chance, cheap

I chalk it up to the fortunes of life on the road. The hotel I booked last night is attached to a casino. I am not sure how that fact escaped me when I chose the location.

The people are nice, but the room is worn. Like all casinos the place has a peculiar scent to it, the smell of desperation, I suppose. Gambling dens in places not named Las Vegas always seem a bit seedy, no matter how nice they are.  To me they have the feel of a used car lot, the outside may look sharp, but someone got rid of that Buick for a reason. The chime of the quarter slots echoes as " Gimme your money" to my untrained ear. You opinion will likely vary. I am weak at math, but I do understand odds, and the building attached to the hotel is not there to give away money.

I did not meander over to the casino. I got in late, and have meetings scheduled this morning before heading north for another night in another hotel in another city.

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