March 3, 2015

Dear Republicans

fuck you. I'm done

I will vote for anyone who runs against Susan Brooks in my district. At least they will represent their constituents.  The same goes for both my Senators who also voted for amnesty for criminals, all of them voted to let Obama usurp Congressional authority. They swore to uphold the Constitution, then let it be used like toilet paper.

The Republican leadership has voted with the money, not the voters.  Good luck in '17 you backstabbing losers.

Don't let the lying bastards tell you DHS would have shut down either, only non-essentials would have been sent home. And if they are essential,why are on the taxpayer dime anyway?  Fucking Boehner said last summer he wanted amnesty. Fucker got his wish.


B said...

Do you mean vote FOR anyone against Susan Brooks?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This is why Congress should be a part-time legislature. Well, part of why, anyway. Send the bastards home to live among their constituents, where they can get an earful of how angry we are at them.

Congress should not be in session more than 60 days a year.

Joe said...

Thanks Mr B angry typing = mistakes


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