March 4, 2015

You know me

if you  are a regular reader of this journal you know I revel in the road trip. I enjoy the drive to and fro,  In other words, I truly believe that getting there is half the fun. That said, this trip has been trying. The business aspect has been very fruitful, the travel, not so much. To be honest, the landscape of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and the southernmost of the Dakotas is not the stuff of ViewMaster-type scenery. The wide Missouri is not so wide here, tamed as it is by dams far upstream. It lacks the breath and depth of the Mighty Mississippi, or the full swift current of the Ohio. In fact, the Wabash River is more imposing as it borders Indiana and Illinois.

This is not my first trip to this area. I habitually travelled here a decade ago. But it is rare I find nothing to stop and see, no roadside marker, no scenic vista to snap an image from the car window. Perhaps it is the numbing cold and ferocious winds that have dampened my enthusiasm. Maybe next time I will dig this route a bit more.


hey teacher... said...

A Jack Reacher novel was set in Nebraska and another in the Dakotas. Painted pretty much the same picture. Love the rolling hills of southern Indiana. Except today when the roads over them are covered in snow so school is canceled. I don't want to go to school in June!

hey teacher... said...

June, here we come!

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