May 14, 2015

Channelling Mr. Rogers

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, even though it is off to a chilly start. Yesterday was the same as it began with temps in the forties and warmed to the mid-sixties. After work I trimmed some bushes and cleaned some old leaves moldering in the flower beds. I should have raked those out weeks ago, but such is life. There are no flowers there anyway, just a wide mulched area in front of the fence.  It needs re mulched but that will have to wait.

I fried up some chicken for super last night. Mashed spuds, gravy, biscuits, and green bean casserole completed the feast. True confession -- I am a bigot. I only like white meat when it comes to poultry. I don't wear a bed sheet or anything, but there you have it. Only the white meat of chickens and turkeys is allowed on my plate. Report my hate crime. At Thanksgiving the white meat and dark meat from the bird is segregated to separate but equal platters. Mea maxima culpa.


DownStateIN Dale said...

At thanksgiving, it's Mea Maxima "Gulpa"

Joe said...


Anonymous said...

He he.


hey teacher... said...

You know what they say about the dark meat.

Ol' Hoosier Joe likes the white meat so they'll be more for us!!!
Leg and thighs for me please.

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