May 13, 2015


is there any statist, leftist, progressive, or liberal policy the current Pope does not support?  I would not be surprised if he was on board with the normal Leftist "ban religion" position.

I'm sure glad I'm not Catholic.  I would be pissed my tithe was going to pay for that horseshit.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I was concerned when I heard he was from South America, but was told he was anti-socialist.
Oh well.
Glad I don't have to defend him.

mts1 said...

Here's a Catholic secret: you can be a Catholic and not tithe! You can be a registered member of a parish without giving a cent. One local church used to give a breakdown on how many households belonged vs. how many gave weekly, and it was a 50% rate of support. A lot of places are a drain on the diocese, and most of the money gained from richer parishes help keep the poorer ones going, though theoretically (meaning, never in the real world) each should be self-supporting. The Vatican wishes it got the money people think it gets. Still want to support your local church and not have the Catholic George McGovern get a cent of your funds? Volunteer when you can. That can't get sent to Rome. ;)

There are two popes, you know. The one the press created, and the one who wakes up every morning yelling "Buongiorno!" in Rome every morning. They don't report the traditional stuff he says, and expand the liberal stuff beyond what he meant. They will turn on him, and it'll be ugly. It's the average Catholic's fault that they believe what Sir Elton said the Pope said vs. what he really said in context. Getting a thumbful of ash on one's forehead every Lent doesn't raise the IQ inside the cranium, and you'd fall out of your chair if you heard the upside down stuff I've heard from the mouths of Catholics who went through school and weekly Mass who should know better.

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