May 16, 2015

So long tree, thanks for the oxygen

In my side yard, next to my driveway, is an ash tree. It is dead, just like almost every ash tree on the Midwest. When we moved in it was struggling. Last summer saw but a few branches leaf out and now it is dead. A buddy is coming over today to cut it down. I hate to see a tree die, but this one serves merely as a perch for birds to position themselves to leave large amounts of droppings on my car.  Good thing I have an unlimited wash package down at the car wash.

I am tempted to take a likely limb from the tree to fashion into my own "Wonderboy" bat to beat burglars and trespassing midgets when the need arises. Alas, the wife won't play pepper and the boy retired from baseball at 16, so I have no sporting need for a homemade baseball bat. I guess I will store my bat limb with the rest of the wood from the tree until I can give it away, haul it away, or burn it in my fire pit.

Anyone want some free unseasoned firewood? You haul it, you can have it. *

Except for that one baseball bat shaped limb.

*Check local or ordinances before you leap...I did say it was an ash tree


Ed Bonderenka said...

We're not allowed to haul ash trees across state lines anymore.
Thanks, anyway.

hey teacher... said...

Granddaughter not going to play softball?

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