June 30, 2015

Dear Mr President

So, if you had your way companies would be forced to pay overtime to salaried workers making $50K or less. I will cover this again; businesses do not exist to provide jobs. They exist to make money and would do away with all employees if possible. Would I like to be paid for every hour I worked? Sure. What will happen is that starting salaries will drop, or fewer employees will be hired.

Your onerous healthcare system and the hundreds of regulations, and increases in energy costs due to EPA mandates have added to the cost of business, stagnating wages. If you had ever run a business larger than a lemonade stand you would understand that.


Anonymous said...

It't nothing but politics, all that will happen is companies will take the employee's off salary and make them hourly wage. It actually might make things cheaper for the company, most salary positions have other perks that will go away. Nothing but another sound bite for votes, mental midget time, appeal to the truly stupid.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Might want to look at federal law regarding exempt employees, JOG. You can't just switch jobs arbitrarily from salaried to hourly in most industries.

Anonymous said...

Very easy to switch actually, you just re-classify the job. Most exempt employee's don't meet all the requirements for exempt. I am exempt and I don't meet all the requirements of being exempt, it could go either way, depending on the employer and a job reclassification. It will of course be a lawyers dream but it can be done.


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