June 10, 2015

i wonder...

There was a large drug bust on Indy's south side today. DEA and local cops raided a large warehouse marijuana growing facility.

Since such large-scale operations are operating in plain view in Colorado, how can the Feds prosecute the Indy guys without getting into ugly Fourteenth Amendment issues?

I don't care, I'm no fan of grass, and I think they both should be in jail, but the law is the law. Shouldn't it be enforced equally?

Maybe some smart lawyer-type can set me straight.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Who says the Feds will?
Prob leave it to the state.

Anonymous said...

Federal law still has weed illegal, Some states have made it legal. States rights unless your working on a federal installation or have a federal job. There is a reason it was made illegal a long time ago,but liberals think a beer and a joint are equal. Fools.
James Old Guy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The feds could walk right in to Colorado tomorrow and shut down the whole pot party if they had the will to do so. That they don't speaks volumes about the will of this government to put a stop to anything the progressives like.

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