June 11, 2015

Mundane Musings

We are more than a decade into this excercise. My soporific prose has failed to woo the admiration of cool kids. I'm OK with that, I was only cool in my own mind back when I cared about such things. Back in school I got along fine with the jocks, the rich kids, and the hoodlums, but was not part of any of those cliques. They did not invite me to their parties, so I had my own. I am sure I had more fun, plus I always chose the music.

A is often the case, I have digressed from the point of this post. What was the point anyway? Oh yeah, here we are a decade into this and I'm still not sure what this blog is supposed to be when it grows up.  It is only the fluff of my personal life. You don't stop by to see the accident on I-20 like we all rubber-necked at the Acidman's blog. My life is the epitome of mundane. I work. I worry about paying bills. I get along great with my wife, my kids seem well adjusted despite my parenting. I'm an average Joe indeed.

I am firmly planted on the right side of the political spectrum. At 53 I don't suppose my politics are going to change. You either agree with my position or you are wrong. It is really pretty simple. While I still have the impulse, age has mellowed my desire to prove I'm right all of the time.

I like humor. I find a significant amount of stuff in life funny. A lot of my posts are written with my tongue planted firmly in my left cheek. Sarcasm remains my best ally in an argument.

So here is another post. It is not one of my best efforts. It is certainly not one of my worst. I am big enough in my mind to admit that most of my work here is out of habit these days, rarely are posts created from inspiration, or a need to communicate. You and I and the blog have become comfortable neighbors chatting over the mailbox, wondering if Bruce will ever do something about that yard. It is boring, it is meaningless, it passes five minutes of the day. I can live with that.


hey teacher... said...

Some groovy,hipster music for Friday. Oh, you'll thank me later.


Joe said...

Too late, I put this week's selection in the can on Monday. You will hate it.

Maybe next week. A surprise is always better.

hey teacher... said...

You are correct on the hating part. If you've got Debbie Gibson or Andy Gibb in the rotation I will have to cancel my donation to your annual pledge drive. Even though I do enjoy and use the sticky cock coffee mug and the Johny Quest tote bag I have received from previous donations.

Joe said...

Oh no. I promise you dig next week's selection. It is already posted and on the turntable.

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