June 2, 2015


What the heck, Mr. Weather man? Here we are in June and it is forty-something this morning. Still, the sky is blue and the flowers are in bloom and I find myself upright and breathing so it is a good day.

The Dems are all aflutter because a Republican male had the temerity to introduce legislation that would make birth control an over the counter med. Their argument, other than a Republican supports the measure, is that women would have to pay for the birth control twice - once when she buys it at the local CVS and again when she pays for it in her monthly ObamaCare-mandated insurance coverage. Seriously, that is their objection. How about the roughly 50% of the population that is not female who is forced to carry coverage for birth control and pregnacy? Is there no concern they are paying for something they cannot use? Or is there any consideration for the sizeable population beyond the child-bearing age is paying for birth control in their premiums?  Repeal ObamaCare and presto, no more problem. Tada. I'm a genius.

I suspect the real issue is that if they can't pass out contraception Planned Parenthood won't get as much funding which they use to subsidize their eugenics abortion business.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Amen, brother.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Planned Parenthood is a racket that should be investigated under the RICO statutes.

And yes, just yesterday morning I commented to my wife, "It's June 1, and we are running the furnace. What is wrong with this picture?"

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