July 21, 2015

Being Willie Loman

According to the television the overnight rains have made this July the 4th wettest month ever. Add in a rainy June and it has not been a great summer weather wise. On the other hand, the lawn is green and he flowers have flourished.

The perpetually aggrieved continue to try and destroy Stone Mountain in Georgia. The quest to create a perfect world continues. Soon we will have to all wear matching smocks and paint our identical houses beige so that no one is ever offended by anything again. Hey, a guy named Richie McDonald once bullied me in elementary school, I want all McDonald's closed.

I'm about to plant my butt into my VW and head west to charm a gaggle of customers. I will get to share the road with bad drivers, distracted drivers, and idiots who can't understand the left lane is for passing.  Eleven plus hours of I states (Indiana, Illinois, Iowa) does not make for scenic excitement. While I find a certain beauty in the flat farmland, the green corn topped with golden tassels, the tall elevators dotting the distant horizon and the quaint towns with once vibrant shopping, a few hours is enough. But I have a good job and once again I will be privileged to see the America many don't even know exists.

Have a great Tuesday.

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hey teacher... said...

Hope you had your car AC checked!!!
Safe travels.

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