July 3, 2015

I miss you playing with fire

The Rolling Stones will be Indy tomorrow. My youngest is attending with some of his buddies. Alas, I will not be going. Since I am friendless and my wife hates the Stones, I have no one to go with me, even if I had the money for the ducats. Instead, I will live vicariously through the Boy.

Hey Teacher was able to see the band in KC last week. He had a request for this week's Friday Music, but I think Mick and the boys said it best when they explained that you can't always get what you want. I'm an ass like that and it probably explains why no one will go to the concert with me. Instead, I will present a double feature of two of my favorite Stones tunes. I hope these are a suitable compromise:

This is an old one, and not as well known as some other hits

This is my favorite song by the Rolling Stones. I can no longer sing along with an out-of-tune falsetto to the chorus, but when my kids were little I used to sing this song to put them to sleep as I shuffled around the house. No traditional lullabies for my kids.  That is probably why they all dig classic rock.

Be safe and don't blow off any fingers exploding your fireworks.


hey teacher... said...

Was going to write a long and pithy response using Rolling Stones song titles throuighout but instead will spend the time watching videos of live performances. My brother and sister and their spouses are in Indy, (more correctly Speedway),tonight on the infield at the Speedway. Will be comparing notes tomorrow.

hey teacher... said...

After comparing notes on the Stones concerts, apparently watching a concert in the infield at Indy sucks. No chairs allowed. (hint to IMS: a lot of these people are old and have outgrown the blanket on the ground thing). There is no rake to the ground so seeing the performers existed only on the giant screens. They paid $180 a ticket for the mid section whereas I paid $69 for a nose bleed seat but I could see the stage and by gum I had a seat. Also, at Indy they played "Out of Control" and "Let It Bleed" as their variants whereas in Kansas City they played "Beast of Burden", "Bitch", and "Kansas City". Suffice to say that Let it Bleed is WAY down on any list of Stones songs for me and I had never heard Out of Control so I was quite please with my choice of venue.

Joe said...

The Boy and his friends all said the show was great. They were amazed at Mick's energy. They did not mind standing, I guess. He has been to Bonaroo several times so not seeing stage well is how he expects a concert to be.

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