July 2, 2015

The wires in the Matrix are crossed

The world is a better place today.  "The Dukes of Hazard" has been banished from the airwaves.  This bothers me less than you might imagine.  I never cared for the program. If it was cancelled due to acting, content, writing! or plot I could be on board, but no, the evil Stars and Bars painted on the roof of a car might damage someone's sensibilities.

Seriously, is there no end to this silliness?

I'm starting to feel as if I am completely out of step with modern society. It is not like I'm some old codger pining for the good old days, rather I think I'm in some alternate universe.  Sobe tea puts humerous sayings on he inside of their bottle caps.  One said " help I'm  trapped in a tea factory". Several people read the quip and actually called the police. 

Actual Civil War  historical sites are removing Confederate flags. Russia is going to try and recover the Balkan States, America is trying to help Iran get nukes, one of the presidential candidates broke the law by using a private server, our debt level is approaching that of Greece, and all we care about is whether peas should be part of guacamole.

I think I'm a modern Robinson Crusoe, stranded alone on an island and surrounded by a sea of insanity.


Otter said...

I must be on the other side of the island.....

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, ISIS will take care of the libs, and the christians. Our government loves to ignore the obvious threat and create artificial issues along with the so called press.


hey teacher... said...

Too bad Mary Ann's not there with a coconut cream pie

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