September 23, 2015

I have questions

Hillary Clinton has finally stated her position on the Keystone Pipeline. Notice how she timed it to get buried under the Pope news? The Pontiff talked about "economic imperialism" and immigration. I'm not sure where those fall under the category of religion, but the Pope has spoken. Since I'm not Catholic, I can say that I think the Pontiff can be fallible. Maybe Catholics use a different Bible. It seems to me that the Old Testament serves as a cautionary tale against migration. The Jews found themselves in Egypt, in Assyria, in Babylon and in each case wanted nothing more than to get back to Israel. Every time they got away from the land of Abraham they needed prayer and martyrdom and God's intervention to get them back home. That seems a pretty clear object lesson. But, as usual, I digress.

Clinton has come out against building the Keystone Pipeline because of global warming. Now I have a serious question. How can transporting crude through pipes underground have a larger carbon footprint than toting it by truck?  Seriously, could someone from the "WeAreAllGonnaDie" global warming/climate change crowd explain this to me? Now I suppose the Teamsters are going to be OK with Hillary's position, but how does she explain to the tens of thousands of union construction workers that she is not interested in getting them "infrastructure " work?  How will she explain to the American people that she is more in favor of buying oil from OPEC and the Saudis, that she wants you and me to pay more for gas to fight global warming?  Of course as soon as the pipeline is dead look for OPEC to Jack the price per barrel again.  You do not think the current price is a coincidence do you? Of course no one in the media will bother to ask her these questions. Maybe the answer is lost somewhere in her secret email files.

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Anonymous said...

Not a bit surprise by the Hillabeast, typical Democrat , lie, lie, then cover up the lie, jump on a bandwagon to get the idiots to voter for them


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