October 10, 2015

A Modest Proposal

There were two more high publicity shootings on college campuses (campii?) yesterday. Were they copycats or publicized with heightened awareness? Clearly something should be done. There is an element of society, primarily those of the progressive bent, who think banning guns altogether is the answer. That proposal is politically impossible. It is also impossible in reality. A confiscation movement could likely trigger a civil war. Even if the government could find a way to peacefully disarm the citizenry, the old canard that states "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"  will be manifestly true. It is an inarguable fact that those cities with the highest murder rate and gun violence are among those places with strictest gun laws. Those severe laws have done nothing to reduce crime, but rather exacerbated it. Strict gun laws and confiscation would only punish those who are already law abiding gun owners.

What to do? I say anyone who commits a felony using a firearm gets a mandatory death sentence. I'm not talking those fifteen or twenty year on death row sentences while the taxpayers fight endless appeal systems either. We should set up special fast-track courts who hear quick appeals. Was he found guilty? Check. Did he have a gun. Check and mate. If you are a previously convicted felon caught in possession of a gun, you get the death penalty. That whole process should take about a week. Are you John Doe, is there proof you were sporting a gat? So long and give my regards to Beelzebub. Harsh? I bet the gun crime rate drops.

We shall see what bothers a typical bleeding heart liberal more, the death penalty or the notion a citizen can exercise his God-given Second Amendment right.


Anonymous said...

I think it starts at home, no respect, no rules, excuses for failure, no punishment and a feeling of entitlement. All these wonderful things brought to us by our liberal friends. We have prisons full of people who should be pushing up dirt,thanks again liberals. You are correct more gun laws won't cure the basic problem, a lack of respect for human life. Life is not an Xbox game, you don't come back after your dead and neither do the people you kill on the screen.

James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

WTF? No Friday music?
Gun, Guns, Guns - Guess Who
Guns in the Sky-lNXS
Guns of Brixton-The Clash
Happiness is a Warm Gun- The Beatles

Joe said...

Guns were absent from the previous five posts!

I wasn't feeling it Friday. I did give you the Hot Dog Dance

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