October 9, 2015

Thursday's Child

Thursday recap, let's see, I got up, checked emails, surfed the interwebz for ten or fifteen minutes. I shaved and showered. I packed my suitcase. I got in the car and drove. Stopped and bought a sausage and egg McMuffin since you all let me down Sunday. Drove. Filled the car with gas. Drove. I listened to the radio, then an audiobook, then music from my iPhone then the radio again. Drove. Arrived home just before Thursday Night Football kickoff. Hurriedly unpacked (I can pack and unpack in about five minutes: I have lots of practice). Watched the football game. Shared some popcorn with the wife during the game since I failed to eat supper on the road.  Slept in the recliner upstairs because I am still hacking up my lungs.

Drove past Malcolm X's childhood home in Omaha Wednesday. I did not stop. I was never able to find General George Crook's house. I probably wouldn't have stopped there either, had I found it.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back. Is it me or are drivers getting worse? Maybe its just here and the midwest drivers are actually sane.


Joe said...

No drivers are getting worse. Rude, can't hold speed, truckers will not let you merge. Ohio drivers cruise in the left lane I average about a thousand miles a week these days. The traveling I don't mind. The driving sucks

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