November 28, 2015

Cuppa Joe and Blackberry Pie

I saw on the news that a group of protesters shut down Chicago's Michigan Avenue shopping district yesterday. Apparently they blocked store entrances over the police shooting of a young black man more than a year ago. The kid was shot 16 times, many in the back. My question is this, the cop has been charged with first degree murder. What are they protesting over? What do the stores have to do with it? What do the shoppers have to do with it? If they did not like the process, gather at the mayor's office or police headquarters. Better yet, perhaps the perpetually outraged should focus on their own Chicago neighborhoods where shooting and killing is reaching war zone levels. I agree that black lives matter, but why is there no outrage when an African-American takes that life?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Let's see. Protesters protesting a police action by disrupting a capitalistic activity.
Give me a minute.
It will come to me....

Anonymous said...

Look at the Mayor, next question please.

James Old Guy

Rita said...
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