November 2, 2015

Easy guide to growing radishes for fun and profit

Quick thoughts:

It is going to be a fantastic fall day here in God's favorite State. Temps will be in the mid 70s and the sun will shine bright.

The refs were caught up in the excitement of the moment in that Duke 8 laterals-to-win finish Saturday. They blew at least four penalties, downed knees, and out of bounds steps.

If The Denver Broncos defense can do that to a very good Packers offense, they will hit, knock down, and sack the Colts quarterback two dozen times next week when Denver comes to Indy.

All politicians are born liars, but Hillary Clinton seems to be a compulsive liar. She has to sit down and laugh every night in total disbelief the press lets her get away with it. I almost expect her to utter "Yeah, that's the ticket" at the end of a speech.

I was sitting on the couch with the wife last evening -- each of on our respective end -- and commented that I could not believe I was so tired at 10:30. Then it occurred to me; stupid time change. That is also why I was up at 5:30 this morning. The switch to and from Daylight SAVING Time is a pointless exercise and should be abolished. I have yet to see a cogent argument for changing the clocks twice a year.

Have a great Monday


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Politicians know better than you. That's their reasoning, flawed as it may be.

"Shut up," they explained.

Anonymous said...

Here in SC FEMA is on the job, doing a whole lot of nothing. Submit a claim? Get back with ya in 90 days for a final denial, srry you house is gone, sucks to be you. Lose your job because of the flooding? Sucks to be you , I am FEMA and you are just a civilian loser.I am sure glad I am not one of the people getting the Obama run around treatment.

James Old Guy

Unknown said...

I believe that the term is Daylight Saving Time, not "SAVINGS" Youse English nerds may back me up, or not!

As ever,

Joe said...

I've always said editing is overrated. Fixed in any case.

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