November 1, 2015

reporting in as ordered

Some friends came over last night to hang out. I brought the fire pit around to the driveway and burned some logs as we handed out goodies to the neighborhood kids. We smoked a couple of cigars and drank a few beers. The wives fetched some Pizza King pizza. The swirling winds made sure we all smelled like woodsmoke by the evening's end. We had maybe a dozen trick or treaters. When it started to drizzle we went in and played some cards while eating caramel corn, pretzels with bacon dip, and cupcakes.  It was a good evening.

This morning I have already adjusted all of the clocks except in the cars. Later I'll have to move the chairs back to the patio table and clean up the fire pit mess, making sure the coals are indeed out. Just ask Smokey the Bear, fire can linger far longer than you think. 

A red-headed woodpecker was pounding away on the tree out front this morning. This is the first I have seen him around here. I'm not sure if he was passing through or has taken up residence in the neighborhood. Are woodpeckers migrating birds? 

Have a great Sunday.

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