December 14, 2015

All that counts is good intentions

John Kerry just attended a climate change meeting in Paris. He is trumpeting the "agreement" as historic. Kerry said that there are no penalties in the agreement, otherwise a lot of the nations would not have agreed.

Sorry, Mr. Kerry, that means you have no agreement at all. It is just easier to pretend to go along, then do what you want. India, China, and Russia are not stupid, they will not destroy their economies for feel good measures. Liberals, won't be happy until everyone (except them) is living in a 17th century shithole, hoping solar panels and windmills keep them warm on a winter night.

Food for thought for you climateers. When was the last time Portland, OR saw the sun? Think solar is the answer in the Pacific Northwest?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, but what he's got is something the Lightbringer can use to regulate with by executive order.

That is, so long as the courts don't smack him down.

Our government is pretty much worthless these days. Might be time for a new one. May I suggest the Constitution of the United States as a model for that?

Joe said...


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