December 16, 2015

Political Legacies of the Boxer Rebellion

My sleep cycle is just messed up. I zipped to the west coast Sunday for business meetings on Monday. I did my thing and was back at the airport for a 6:30 AM flight back home Tuesday morning. The meetings went well, the weather was cold and rainy, even for the Pacific Northwest. To cap it off I had the middle seat in both directions. The guy in the window seat coming home was determined to claim every inch of space he could, even if that meant squeezing me even more. His behavior confirmed my long-held impression that sixty-plus year old balding guys with ponytails are all assholes. 

The good news for me is that this trip should pretty much wrap up my travels for the year. 2015 was busy on that front. I drove 43,000 miles and earned about 250,000 hotel points. I crossed and recrossed the Mississippi more times than I can count. 

One of the wreaths from the upstairs windows blew off Monday. I have to drag out the big ladder to stick it back up when it gets light out and about three feet of lights decided to quit on the porch garland. I will leave that to the wife. 

My granddaughter turned one year old today. She just now came in, full of life and ready to play. Im glad my wife is able to babysit. It is going to be a great day.

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