December 26, 2015

Head 'em up, round 'em up

Good morning blog world. I'm glad it is Saturday, I'm going to need a couple of days to recover from the Christmas festivities. Two days of eating, presents, and family have left me content and happy and worn out. As usual, the wife went overboard, but it is only money.

We did two family Christmases on Thursday. We went to my Mom's in the afternoon and to my wife's family in the evening. Christmas Day we went to my daughter's for the immediate family gathering. She prepared a feast. The granddaughter was inundated with presents. Her favorite was the $5 Mickey Mouse microphone that flashes and plays the Hot Dog dance song, gifted by yours truly.

I went and got some fresh donuts for breakfast. Life is good and my usual post-holiday blues remain at bay. I hope your holiday was as fun and joyous as mine.

Have a great Saturday.

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hey teacher... said...

We're splittin' the scene, we're full of beans ????
Disney is now channeling Blazing saddles!

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