December 28, 2015

Malicious Musings

Ben Franklin has been perverted around here. It seems I am on an "late to bed, early to rise" schedule these days. That means I want a nap mid-afternoon. I suspect my bosses would not approve. I shall endeavor to soldier on.

After a week of snacking and over-eating I plan to get back to more sensible eating today. The pile of containers with Christmas goodies the wife made keeps calling me though. I confined myself to coffee and 1/2 of a two day old jelly donut for breakfast. I know, not exactly what the nutritionist ordered, but these days I am more about quantity, not quality. I guess my diet is just like my blog.

I'm preparing this entry on the old laptop this morning as opposed to the iPad. Since auto-correct helps out with punctuation and spelling, there may be even more errors than usual. Both programs try to correct my multiple spelling miscues.

After a great long holiday weekend I am back to work today. Experience tells me I will make numerous phone calls and send a bunch of emails all of which will go unanswered in my attempt to set up appointments for next week. Thanksgiving to mid-January are always slow times for those of us who labor in industrial sales.

Life is good my friends, another short work week is on front of us. I am alive and breathing and the good Lord has blessed me with another day. That is enough.

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