February 22, 2016

I watch in ev'ry single way

I had a great weekend. I hope yours was tolerable. My trusty earbud/ headphones (not those painful pieces of crap that came with the phone) died during my walk yesterday morning.  I was walking along and there was a pop and the music suddenly sounded like it was coming over a tin can and string. A block or so later there was some scratching static and they quit altogether. After I got home I tried various pseudo-scientific experiments with other headphones and other devices and it is clear; the old headphones, to phrase it in the colloquial, is broke. This necessitated a field trip down to the Big Yellow Price Tag for replacements.

As usual, I found lots of stuff I wanted, needed, must have now. I refrained, however, and walked out not with the Klipsch model I wanted, nor the Bose version I could not afford. I opted for a medium priced pair of Sony earbuds. I have not tried them yet. I'm sure they will be fine as long as they don't hurt when I push them into my tiny ear canal. I browsed the computers, drooled over the TVs and played with the high end audio. No one bugged me. I had the run of the store. I knew my way around. I worked there last year when I was unemployed and again over the holidays. Too bad I have to pay full price for my stuff. The small employee discount could have pushed me to the higher end headphones.

Today is paperwork day for the job. Trip reports for last week's efforts and preparation for this week's customer visits are on tap. I hope you have a great Monday, intrepid followers.

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