February 21, 2016

And watch the hills roll out of sight

My wife says it defeats the purpose of my daily walk if I light up cigar to smoke on my rounds through the neighborhood. I just give her a dose of my baby blues and a slight grin. I point out that I did not tote along a beer.

Jeb! Is no longer running for president.. I am not distressed. I have stated it often around here; we have had enough Bushes and Clintons in the White House.

We got a taste of spring yesterday as the mercury hit seventy. It is projected to be slightly cooler today with highs in the fifties. That is still great weather for February, but I want my warm weather back! We will return to snow and cold by midweek. So it goes.

This entry has been a waste of your time on a Sunday morning. That is 30 or 40 seconds of your life (depending on your reading speed)* that you can't get back. I won't apologize.

* it took me 29 seconds to read the post, not counting this sentence. Your experience may vary. This post was full when written. Some content may have settled during shipping. Offer void where prohibited by law. Not valid in Massachusetts, mostly because everyone there is a liberal asshat and/or a Patriots fan. Plus, I don't like Boston Cream Pie nor Boston Baked Beans. So there. Buy an 'R' jerk wads.  Ok, I admit it, this is not by best effort, especially when this is my 5,100th published post ( there are 83 more in the draft folder --they must really suck). When one writes five thousand posts there is bound to be a few thousand clinkers in the total. Wadda ya want for nuthin?

Man I need a vacation.

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Dan O. said...

My wife and I walked a lot before her 2 knee replacements in 2 years (we plan to start up again when the weather breaks this Spring) and whenever people saw us, they'd mention how often they saw us walking around town. That's when I'd take a draw on my stogie and as I exhaled state, "I'm walking for my health." That always got a smile, a smirk or a WTF? look. I loved it.

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