April 9, 2016

Are you freaking kidding me?

The ground is covered in snow. Well, the grass is poking through, but still...

It was like that when the wife and I came home from the movie theater last night. It is like that now. The %#*^# snow won't melt because it is only 29 F-ing degrees outside. We have had snow in April before and even a time or two in May, but usually it is flakes or showers, not usually accumulating snow. Maybe the Indiana AG outta go after the Virgin Islands AG for perpetuating the fraud of Global Warming upon the rest of us.

While I'm bitching and complaining, I cannot believe I'm awake at 6:03 this morning. I've been up past midnight every night this week. I've had to pry myself out of bed every morning for work. Now that it is Saturday and I can sleep in, I wake up early. WTH brain?

I hope you have a great Saturday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I'd be concerned about you, but I'm concerned about me.
OK. I can do both, but I am not getting enough sleep, even after having just come back from vacation Thursday, my boss says "You look tired."

Joe said...

Hope you had a great vacation, Ed

Last Monday was my first day back from vacation. I told my wife I needed a vacation to rest up from my vacation

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