April 10, 2016

a story that may interest only me

We went to visit some friends last night and headed out to a nearby catfish restaurant for fish and onion rings. This joint is in a small town off the beaten path, but not far from the town where I grew up. After we ordered the wife went to the ladies room.* When she came back, my wife said she recognized a man sitting a few tables away. She asked our friend, who still lives in the area, if she knew who he was. Since we moved away almost 30 years ago, old faces may look familiar but change with time, making it hard to put a name with a face. Nope.

A bit later, my wife realized it is a co-worker of mine. The table was to my back so I could not confirm. Finally, since my wife was sure, I went over to say hello. It was him. And his aunt, who also works at the plant.

Why is this notable you ask? Well, there are only about 25 employees at my company, so 3 in one spot on a Saturday night is unusual, especially when you consider the restaurant is more than an hour from the plant, in a small town of less than 2,000 inhabitants, far off any major road or highway. What are the odds I run across two co-workers at a catfish joint 70 miles from their home and sit just a couple of tables away? This encounter is just one of the very many reasons I don't have a mistress.

*by herself, she is not one of those girls who needs company to pee

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Must be good fish.

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