April 11, 2016

Picture This

View from guard tower on the Great Wall of China Taken by the author in 2013
I like pictures. Sometimes I think I take some that are marginally interesting. I prefer to take scenery pictures as opposed to pictures of people. I'm quite certain that says something about my personality to a psychologist. I like the picture over there on the left. You can embiggen it to your heat's content.

I think I have told you previously that my wife provides daycare for our granddaughter, Jo. Every day she sends pictures to Jo's Mom and Dad, who miss the kid while they are at work. The wife takes a lot of pictures of the granddaughter. More pictures than I imagined. In the 16 months since she was born my wife has snapped some 2,800 pictures of my granddaughter. Granted, most times there are 4-5 shots of the same thing. Infants and toddlers don't often pose or sit still for a good picture. Still, that is a bunch of snapshots. Thank goodness for digital pictures, film would have bankrupted us.

Last night, the wife, who could never be characterized as computer savy, asked if it was possible to organize her pictures into files. Since all are saved on an external hard drive I told her this was no problem. I created folders by year and month and moved the mass of pictures into the proper folders. Now the wife has to go through them and edit out what she wants to keep. She was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project and now can work on it in small doises and create printed photo-books chronologically . That next step is her project.

Don't tell her, I did the easy part.

This image is gone. You should be clicking on this blog multiple times a day


Jean said...

You make a darling couple.

hey teacher... said...

Gave my wife the same task as I was chided for "never printing out any photos". "Pick out the ones you want to have printed and copy them to a separate file and I will get them printed",said I. They languish on the hard drive and the back up waiting for her clicks. Alas, I fear that will never come to pass but if the photos are lost during a tornado or EMP attack I will the face the full fury and an endless barrage of I told you sos.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Similar here.
I've got them broken down to year and sometimes event or class: Wedding, Boat, Air Show, etc.
Reverse wise, I've still got a lot of photos to scan in as I never break out the albums.
Maybe if I retire...

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